Who’s up for an (ad)venture?

We are on the hunt to find like minded self starters. Individuals, companies or clients that are up for an adventure in exploring all areas of design and technology and are willing to embark on an expedition together. Read our alternative press release here: Who’s up for an adventure?

Adventures in design

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Here is a little Sherlock Illustration we did in celebration of the new series 3 starting this evening on BBC One.

STEP - Sherlock - Big Brain Small HatSherlock – Benedict Cumberbatch – BIG BRAIN SMALL HAT.
©Copyright 2014 pleasefindattached Ltd

Pleasefindattached worked on the motion graphics for series 2 of BBC’s Sherlock and one of the sequences was originally an illustrated fairytale in which Sherlock was a knight in shining armour. Stephen illustrated Benedict as the knight but it ended up not being used in the final sequence… long story short we really liked the drawing and didn’t want it to go to waste so swapped the knights helmet for a tiny deerstalker hat and coloured and finished the illustration just for the fun of it!

See our Sherlock motion graphics that we did for series 2:
See the graphics we did for ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ episode here.
See the graphics we did for ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ episode here.

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Cheltenham Design Festival 2013 – In Summary

Thank you Cheltenham Design Festival (@CheltDesignFest) we had a great time learning and listening to another great line up last week and through the weekend.

We have collated some of our notes which include:

Richard Seymour on the things that future designers need to live by:
Optimism • Truth • Honor
Nat Hunter & Steven Johnson
A ‘T’ shaped designer is important when faced with the challenge and necessity of sustainable design.
(@redfish66 & @Considered_)
Nick Jankel
Only the PRONOID thrive.
Fred Deakin
It is an excitingly unpredictable time to be a designer. And you can no longer buy the jumper with triangles on that he wore.
Neville Brody, David Constantine, Sir John Hegarty, Deyan Sudjic & Fi Glover
The word ‘Good’ is a problem within design!

These are some highlights from the festival but only the events that we saw. There was loads of other good great things on that we missed! If you were there comment below to add your favorite notes!

Keep up the great work and we look forward to next year!

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Minale Tattersfield brand animation

We just noticed that the Minale Tattersfield motion graphics (brand animation) piece we did a while ago is now live on the Minale Tattersfield home page. Really nice to see it in place finally doing it’s thing. Go and check it out here: http://www.minaletattersfield.com/ or if you do not have flash it is also on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKArWuef_E0

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