The Road to Pictoplasma – By Will Adams

Pictoplasma Festival 2011 Opener from Pictoplasma on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I will be leaving the office and jetting off to Germay’s hippest city (Berlin) to experience the wonders of contemporary character design at the 2011 Pictoplasma festival. Spread over 4 days Pictoplasma 2011 features a huge schedule of events including: talks from the likes of McBess, Nick Cave, PicPicAndre, Rilla Alexander & more, a colossal character walk occupying 25 galleries & spaces and featuring sculpture, illustration, performances and installations. A number of screenings showcasing moving image and animation from some of the best and not forgetting a few parties thrown in to keep the festival goers feeling merry!

Over the the course of the festival I’ll be sharing my musings via twitter and upon my return I shall be following up with a full write up documenting my experiences. In the meantime, here are a few bits that I’m particularly looking forward to.

Character Totem
Inkygoodness have build a set of wooden totem sculptures and asked a bunch of talented artists and illustrators to customise them. On their journey to bring the Character Totem to Berlin, Inkygoodness hosted live drawing events across the country. The fruits of these events will be exhibited with a selection of submissions from the ‘colour me totem’ open submission.

For more inkygoodness info follow the link

Festival finale ‘Missing Link’
This years festival finale presents a gallery of research findings from an ongoing quest to find a creature thought to be our evolutionary missing link, otherwise known as Big Foot (among other names). Alongside the wealth of yeti images will be performances from Dan Deacon, Maximillian Hecker, Jared Gradinger & Friends and Motomichi Nakamura.

Jeremy Dower’s Canis Mortuus Familiaris
Jeremy Dower is a creator of beautiful digital paintings. His work often depicts characters floating in a dream like non-space, with a level of detail that give his pieces a feeling of tangibility. Dower’s exhibition at pictoplasma 2011 takes a journey through the common themes of character art (anthropomorphism, cuteness, the grotesque etc.) through the medium of a shape shifting dog.

You can check out some of Jeremy’s work here

If you’re interested to find out more about pictoplasma, check out the website

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