What is a QR code?

Sometimes we get asked ‘what are these abstract little squares all about and should I be using one?’ . To answer the question, they’re called QR codes.

A QR or Quick Response code, is a digital barcode system which stores numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji symbols. QR codes than therefore hold a a variety of data including; contact information, web addresses, GPS location data, login details and payment information.

QR codes can be read by a number of mobile applications which use a phone’s camera to scan the code and then instantly perform the relevant action. This level of automation and ubiquity, along with an increased level of data storage have made QR codes a popular choice for sharing information in a range of applications. Examples of QR code usage include – helping to generate sales for products and services through user engagement, making and receiving payments, location based gaming or for simply sharing content in the digital sphere.

QR codes can be a useful tool to consider when designing promotional and/or marketing material for a business or product, say; if you have a special offer to promote or are planning a campaign which relies on high level of engagement. QR codes can help elicit an instant response from a call to action and give that added level of interaction when required.

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