pleasefindattached – Frequently asked questions

There is no such thing as a silly question. In fact we believe that asking questions is the best way to learn. So we have created this little FAQ section on our blog to try and answer a few of the common questions that we are asked here at pleasefindattached. These will vary widely from digital and technology questions through best practice when commissioning art direction and design, print or mgfx (motion graphics)… as well as some interesting facts about pfa. It is in no particular order and we will try and add to it often.

It goes without saying that we always welcome answering questions or enquirers in person or over the phone so please do feel free to give us a call (0208 8914537) or drop us line if you think we have missed anything info[at]pleasefindattached[dot]com. Alternatively you could leave a comment below each answer. Here is what we have got so far. Click on the question to view the answer.

Do you take on interns?
What is the difference between website domain hosting and domain registration?
What is a QR code?

If this list get’s really big we will split it into our four main disciplines IDENTITY, PRINT, INTERACTIVE and MOTION to make it easier to follow.

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