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pleasefindattached – Frequently asked questions

There is no such thing as a silly question. In fact we believe that asking questions is the best way to learn. So we have created this little FAQ section on our blog to try and answer a few of the common questions that we are asked here at pleasefindattached. These will vary widely from digital and technology questions through best practice when commissioning art direction and design, print or mgfx (motion graphics)… as well as some interesting facts about pfa. It is in no particular order and we will try and add to it often.

It goes without saying that we always welcome answering questions or enquirers in person or over the phone so please do feel free to give us a call (0208 8914537) or drop us line if you think we have missed anything info[at]pleasefindattached[dot]com. Alternatively you could leave a comment below each answer. Here is what we have got so far. Click on the question to view the answer.

Do you take on interns?
What is the difference between website domain hosting and domain registration?
What is a QR code?

If this list get’s really big we will split it into our four main disciplines IDENTITY, PRINT, INTERACTIVE and MOTION to make it easier to follow.

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Do you take on interns?

Yes we do! We are a small company so tend to only take on one or two interns a year that have a strong focus in one design discipline but we like meeting new people and nurturing and encouraging talented students or graduates. We also quite like to take interns on for longer chunks of time than the normal week or two as it makes the experience that much richer for all.

You can follow our intern and job ad’s by checking our website here regularly. We also post on Twitter and Facebook as well when we have positions come up so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us for updates.

But if you are enthusiastic, energetic and eager to gain experience and have a genuine love of all things visual, please send a Profile/CV and some portfolio examples or links through to jobs[at]pleasefindattached[dot]com with the subject titled “Intern placement’ and we will consider you for the next placement that comes up.

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What is the difference between website domain hosting and domain registration?

We find ourselves answering this question a lot and whilst it may make sense to some it is worth putting it in the pfa FAQ’s to help others.

When embarking on creating a website the first thing you will need to do is decide on a domain name (i.e, check it is available and then register it.

Registering a domain name gives you the sole right to use that domain url for a given period of time, the default is usually 2 years. Once registered it is yours to do what you want with. It is also your responsibility to re-new it when the time comes and your registrar would usually remind you to re-new well in advance. If you decide not to re-new your domain name or forget to then the domain name will go back onto the market. Also please be aware of unsolicited emails asking for domain re-newel through them, it is safer to alway re-new with the registrar you originally bought it from unless otherwise advised from your webmaster.

Once your domain has been registered it will then need to be hosted to be able to do anything with it. There are many different hosting packages out there, so many in fact that you can be blinded by the choice and jargon, they all generally charge on a contracted monthly basis but the cost can vary greatly depending on what sort of site you want to create. The basic things to know is that you will need ‘webspace’ to be able to publish a website. ‘POP3‘ or ‘IMAP‘ allocation to be able to run domain email addresses (i.e and the facility to be able to install a database (usually called ‘MySQL’) if you want to run a worpress blog or an online shop or something.

Hopefully that helps and explains the difference between the two. Of course once you have chosen your supplier/s you will then need some design and development doing which is where pleasefindattached come in. Please do give us a call to discuss any ideas you have.

Let pleasefindattached take care of it for you

If you would like somebody to just take care of all this for you we do register and host domains, at competitive rates, on our own pleasefindattached server which is backed and supported by one of the UK’s biggest internet service providers. It is an exclusive support service for pfa’s interactive work and is currently only available to pleasefindattached clients. So if you would like us to take care of your whole project including this stuff then we most certainly can. Please do get in contact to discuss options – 0208 8914537.

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What is a QR code?

Sometimes we get asked ‘what are these abstract little squares all about and should I be using one?’ . To answer the question, they’re called QR codes.

A QR or Quick Response code, is a digital barcode system which stores numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji symbols. QR codes than therefore hold a a variety of data including; contact information, web addresses, GPS location data, login details and payment information.

QR codes can be read by a number of mobile applications which use a phone’s camera to scan the code and then instantly perform the relevant action. This level of automation and ubiquity, along with an increased level of data storage have made QR codes a popular choice for sharing information in a range of applications. Examples of QR code usage include – helping to generate sales for products and services through user engagement, making and receiving payments, location based gaming or for simply sharing content in the digital sphere.

QR codes can be a useful tool to consider when designing promotional and/or marketing material for a business or product, say; if you have a special offer to promote or are planning a campaign which relies on high level of engagement. QR codes can help elicit an instant response from a call to action and give that added level of interaction when required.

Get in contact with pleasefindattached to see how relevant QR codes could be to your marketing campaign or activities.

0208 8914537




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