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Here is a little Sherlock Illustration we did in celebration of the new series 3 starting this evening on BBC One.

STEP - Sherlock - Big Brain Small HatSherlock – Benedict Cumberbatch – BIG BRAIN SMALL HAT.
©Copyright 2014 pleasefindattached Ltd

Pleasefindattached worked on the motion graphics for series 2 of BBC’s Sherlock and one of the sequences was originally an illustrated fairytale in which Sherlock was a knight in shining armour. Stephen illustrated Benedict as the knight but it ended up not being used in the final sequence… long story short we really liked the drawing and didn’t want it to go to waste so swapped the knights helmet for a tiny deerstalker hat and coloured and finished the illustration just for the fun of it!

See our Sherlock motion graphics that we did for series 2:
See the graphics we did for ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ episode here.
See the graphics we did for ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ episode here.

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Ghost in the Machine

We have been working with a couple of short films recently and the first to screen is ‘Ghost in the Machine’, which we have designed the posters for. It is a beautifully shot story about a lonely farmer’s daughter that turns the tables on her domineering father with the help of an unexpected new friend.

It has been a great project to be involved with and we look forward to following its progress.

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Keith Brumpton site live!

We have been working hard here at PFA to construct a Flash landscape with depth… a living insight into the brain of childrens author and TV writer/creator Keith Brumpton. From mapping out the original idea to using and converting Keiths own illustration into animation, the site has a playful navigation that encourages users to explore (there is a quick navigation at the top for those of you with less patience!). The site shows off some of Keiths vast body of work and also acts as a sort of visual collage of Keith’s life with references to his interests and his childhood in Newcastle.

We will post more info when we get a moment and also put a case study on the pleasefindattached website. But for the moment have a look and see what you think.

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Cassandra featured on

The Cassandra animation is now featured on the Times Online website! It is within the Ariel Leve’s profile page and appears next to the Cassandra column every Sunday. You can view it here

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