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LifePlanner product launches


After months of hard work, development and fine tuning, LifePlanner’s unique financial life planning dossier has been unveiled. Offering individuals a compact, comprehensive means of bringing order to their financial life, the dossier will put an end to wading through paperwork for lost information, as your life will literally be ‘at your fingertips’.

We were involved from the outset to assist with branding the company and designing the various components of the product. The LifePlanner dossier will be retailed through legal firms and then stored securely once complete, so the branding and product design needed to be strong, safe and robust both visually and physically.

To find out more see the case study here on our website.

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Glide themeing

Glide Media recently came to us to help them create a brand theme to use across all their marketing materials, unifying the overall look and feel whilst distinguishing individual areas. It needed to be eye-catching, versatile and easy to use, whilst reinforcing and sitting seamlessly within their existing branding.

Having presented a selection of viable concepts, the winning idea was based around images framed within circles. The images embody the different types of outlets and promoters that Glide works with, and when grouped together the circles create a striking visual statement. This solution offers vast scope and flexibility, whilst also being straightforward to add to and update.

As Nel Holland (pleasefindattached Production Director) states; ‘Refreshing a brand can be kept simple with a straight forward solution and therefore can be extremely cost effective to do. The knock on effect results in a renewed energy internally, refreshing the brand in the eyes of existing customers and making it standing out  to attract new ones. We look forward to following the success of the new Glide brand theme and measuring the impact it has on the business’.

The Glide themeing is easily adaptable, allowing it to be used in many different ways whilst still looking connected and coherent. It has already been successfully rolled out across their website, vans, brochure, leaflets and display stands.

We will put a full case study the pleasefindattached website soon.

If you are interested to find out more about Glide and what they do please visit their website:

If you would like to find out how pleasefindattached could help you refresh your brand please give Stephen or Nel a call on 0208 891 4537 or for more information please visit our website:

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Ghost in the Machine

We have been working with a couple of short films recently and the first to screen is ‘Ghost in the Machine’, which we have designed the posters for. It is a beautifully shot story about a lonely farmer’s daughter that turns the tables on her domineering father with the help of an unexpected new friend.

It has been a great project to be involved with and we look forward to following its progress.

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TIMBERLAND – Special project

Timberland and New Era joined forces to create an exclusive set of boots and caps for JD Sports and asked us to design all the supporting point of sale, window displays and posters. Included: art direction, design, photography, print.

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